Brown Marketing Research - Qualitative Research Consulting
Services Offered:
Brown Marketing Research uses a variety of qualitative research methods designed to meet your unique business objectives.  We provide full service qualitative research services, from project design through analysis and reporting of research findings.  In addition, by partnering with quantitative research firms, Brown Marketing Research can provide qualitative research services as part of a joint quantitative/qualitative project. 
Qualitative services available from Brown Marketing Research include:
  • Project design/recommended methodology (including in-person vs. online research; focus groups, in-depth interviews/one-on-one's, bulletin boards, dyads, mini groups, in-store interviews, etc.)
  • Project/field management (facility, recruiting supervision)
  • Recruiting screener questionnaire development
  • Discussion guide development
  • Moderating/interviewing
  • Analysis/reporting of findings and implications
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