Brown Marketing Research - Qualitative Research Consulting
Category Experience:
Brown Marketing Research has worked with many different clients, across a wide variety of product categories, including (but not limited to) the following:
Advertising Agencies
Food & Beverage Manufacturers
Consumer Goods (Non-Food)
Financial Services
TV Production/Media
Sample Qualitative Studies
Below is a small sampling of the types of qualitative research studies that Brown Marketing Research has conducted for its clients:
  • Focus groups among lapsed restaurant customers to determine key issues facing the chain and identify opportunities to entice lapsed customers to return.  (Research led chain to undertake restaurant remodel initiative.)
  • Focus groups among retail store and competitive shoppers to identify consumers' perceived brand images, reflecting both rational and emotional attributes.
  • Focus groups among patients/non-patients to determine optimum brand positioning for healthcare facility.
  • One-on-one interviews with current beverage brand drinkers to evaluate alternative TV advertising concepts for message comprehension, relevance and persuasion.
  • Focus groups among retail store shoppers in multiple store trading areas to evaluate the relative promotional sensitivity of each market and determine promotional preferences in each market.
  • Focus groups among business professionals to better understand current networking activities and gauge reactions to a proposed new Intenet website.
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