Brown Marketing Research - Qualitative Research Consulting
Brown Marketing Research provides full-service qualitative research services, including in-person and online focus groups, in-depth interviews (ex. one-on-one's), bulletin boards, in-store interviews, and other qualitative research techniques.
Here's how we can help your business:
Benefits to Clients:
Brown Marketing Research can help you understand your customers and your prospective customers.  By means of targeted qualitative research, we can uncover  underlying attitudes, perceptions, and motivations--about the category, your product/service, and your competitors.  Brown Marketing Research can help you:
  • Obtain insights into target preferences, perceived strengths and weaknesses, product usage, shopping patterns, purchase motivators, obstacles to trial or repeat purchase, ways to stimulate purchase/store traffic, etc.
  • Understand brand imagery (What "personality" does your brand/competitor hold in the minds of consumers?)
  • Develop compelling product positionings
  • Explore alternative communications messages
  • Evaluate advertising concepts, logo and packaging design, signage, and other marketing vehicles
  • Gain valuable consumer feedback on new products, services, promotions, etc.
Brown Marketing Research understands that clients often have limited marketing research budgets (especially in this economy).  We deliver high quality, professional work and "big company" experience at very competitive pricing.
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